Here's my system equipment:

Source components:

DirecTV HR10-250 HD DVR (w/HBO & HD packages)
Pioneer DV-F07 300 + 1 disc DVD changer
Pioneer CLD-D505 laser (w/DTS output I added)
Nakamichi DE-1 RF demodulator (for laser)
Sharp VC-H972 hi-fi VCR (necessary evil)
Pioneer CT-S66R cassette deck (w/dbx NR)

Central electronics:

B&K; AVP-4090 DD/DTS pre-pro/tuner
Sony SDP-E800 in 3-ch mode (for rear-center extraction)
Sunfire Stereo amp (300w X 2) for mains
Sunfire Cinema Grand (200w X 5) for center, sides, rears


Definitive Technology BP-2000 mains (w/15" built-in subs @ 300w ea.)
Definitive Technology CLR-2000 center (beneath screen)
Definitive Technology BP-X surrounds (used as sides)
Definitive Technology BP-20 speakers (used as rears)

Video components:

Electrohome Marquee 8501 CRT proj.- picture approx. 10' diag. @ 16:9
RGB Spectrum DTQ scaler/doub-trip-quadrupler (in tripler mode)

Other electronics:

SmartLinc TouchLinc touchscreen controller system
Pioneer DT-570 digital clock/timer
Misc. X-10 lighting control

Room details:

Equipment stack built into wall w/ adjacent closet for rear access
Screen: Behr Ultra-pure White flat paint on wall
Room: 16' W, 25.5' L, 7.5' H, carpet/concrete floor, drywall walls, susp'ed ceiling
Seating: sofa flanked by a recliner and a fully-functional dentist's chair


Equipment stack, lights on      Larger image
Equipment stack, lights off      Larger image
Screenshot #1      Larger image
Screenshot #2      Larger image
Projector hanging      Larger image
Sub-panel      Larger image
Power outlets      Larger image
Photo of shelf brackets in closet      Larger image
Overhead drawing of closet
Detailed drawing of shelf corner

More pix coming.

Coming soon:

Full ISF convergence/alignment/calibration
Projector tweaks (recommendations, please?)

Opinions/suggestions certainly welcome!